Furnaces are appliances whose purpose is to generate warmth for the building. This can be done via a central heating system that contains a boiler, furnace, or heat pump to heat water, steam, or air in a central location such as a furnace room in a home, or a mechanical room in a large building. The heat can be transferred by convection, conduction, or radiation. Furnaces exist for various types of fuel, including solid fuels, liquids, and gases. Another type of heat source is electricity, typically heating ribbons made of high resistance wire. “Mechanical” or “forced” ventilation is provided by an air handler and used to control indoor air quality. Excess humidity, odors, and contaminants can often be controlled via dilution or replacement with outside air. Every heating system we install is designed to the mathematical specification of your environment. We consider many factors when designing your custom system including building size, building orientation, ceiling height, window size, and insulation values.

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